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Funnel web spider DVDs?

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

I was recently asked if there are any funnel web spider DVDs or videos available. I would have thought that there’d be heaps coz funnel web spiders are totally killer! But it turns out that stills photographers have more guts than their namby-pamby moving picture brethren.

I could not find very many videos or DVDs at all (but plenty of books). The only one I could find that specifically mentioned funnel web spiders was: “Killer Instincts - Natural Born Killers“, not to be confused with the Woody Harrelson movie of the same name.

I’m pretty sure that funnel webs are featured on other Australian or “creepy animals” documentaries, but I couldn’t find anything else which specifically mentioned funnel webs. No doubt you’d find something amongst Steve Irwin’s catalog of videos, maybe his Discovery Channel stuff? I searched the Discovery Channel site but couldn’t find any - maybe you’ll have better luck.

The “Killer Instincts - Natural Born Killers” DVD sounds worth it anyway - it also includes the deadly Taipan and box jelly fish as well as other Aussie killers (it probably doesn’t include Ivan Milat though). It’s also out of print and considered a collector’s item - but pretty cheap at between $US5.75 and $US14.99!

Hello Greyhound People!

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

I’m sponsoring the first race at Albion Park in Brisbane tonight. Hello to everyone curious enough to come check out my site!

So, what happens at I have stories about funnel web spiders and spiders in general, and have some great hairy spider gear for sale. I commissioned a couple of photo shoots of a funnel web spider a while ago, and when I get those (they’re truly awesome), I’ll be adding them to the shop.

So, have a look around, check out whether you’ve been bitten by a funnel web, pass by the shop, and make sure you leave a comment on any of the stories you like - and feel free to ask questions!!

New spiders photos finally on the way!

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

My mate Doug reckons my spider photos are in the mail, so we’ll have new products at the Funnel Web Spiders shop very soon!!!