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Spider Identification Chart - Venomous or Dangerous?

Thursday, September 7th, 2006 is actually the site that I got the funnel web spider first aid information from (obviously not verbatim - mine is more vivid). If you happen to see a creepy looking spider in your back yard and want to know whether you’re taking your life in your hands by poking it with a stick (even if you’re not, please don’t), then this chart is for you:

Printable version
Web version with more info

I personally like the web version much better as it has an animated image of the male funnel web spider that does a little jig!

The chart lists the spiders by whether they are:

  • Deadly and Dangerous (this is where the funnel web spider is)
  • Venomous - Poisonous - Painful Bite, and
  • The “Low Risk” Spiders is actually a really good, very informative site about all sorts of creepy crawlies. These guys are apparently the ones who can eradicate the following vermin and nasties from your home: