More creepy-large spider webs

If walking into a massive wall of spider webs is your personal recurring nightmare, then don’t go to Texas right now.

Officials at Lake Tawakoni State Park say the massive mosquito trap is a big attraction for some visitors, while others won’t go anywhere near it.

“At first, it was so white it looked like fairyland,” said Donna Garde, superintendent of the park about 45 miles east of Dallas.

Now imagine that it was a wall of funnel web spiders. THAT would be cool!

Actually a few years ago, I was walking at Lamington National Park. One of the pathways I was travelling along was cut into the side of a hill (OK, most of them are). So one side of the path was 1 - 1.5 metres high. On closer inspection, I noticed that all over the wall were the little silken openings of funnel web spider holes. I’m really glad I didn’t take a break and lean against that wall! (Hmmm… you know, on seconds thoughts, maybe they were trapdoor spiders…).

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