Myths, Misconceptions, and Superstitions About Spiders

Rod Crawford, sensible bloke and Curator of Arachnids at Burke Museum in Seattle, USA, has put together an exhaustive list of Myths, Misconceptions and Superstitions about Spiders. His list covers:

  • General fallacies
  • Myths about identifying spiders
  • House spider myths
  • Just plain weird stories
  • Myths about dangerous spiders

A lot of the pages are about American spiders and some myths that returned soldiers from Iraq are perpetrating on their unsuspecting friends and families (pretty cool/funny though - see the camel spider articles).

His most relevant myth for this site is:

But there really are deadly spiders in Australia and Brazil

(Ours are deadlier than yours)

I agree with pretty much everything Rod has to say, except when he says that funnel web spiders can’t be considered deadly because we now have antivenom for them. The inherent deadliness of the spider doesn’t change because we have antivenom.

At any rate, I certainly won’t be playing with funnel webs or letting kids have them as pets just because we have an antidote to their potentially lethal bite.

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  1. myths and mysteries Says:

    Thanks for the web sight about spider myths, i am doing a blog about myths for a school assignment and the sight that you gave has alot of interesting myths about spiders…i agree with what you sait about us now having antivenom so that we don’t have to be as worried about getting a spider bite from a deadly spider. I still would stay away from spiders myself though because a spider bite would hurt! OuCh!!! Thanks again for putting that link to the websight!
    ~myths and mysteries :)

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